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Reporting Strategy

Implementing a Reporting strategy is a significant undertaking. A key step in this undertaking is developing a clear definition upon which all stakeholders within your organization can agree. Integrity has created a functional definition of Enterprise Reporting based on its knowledge and practical experience in this area.

As with any definition used for planning purposes, the definition of Enterprise Reporting must be adapted to meet specific needs and objectives. The approach used to implement is at least as important as the definition itself. Integrity has included critical questions and recommendations that should help to assist your organization in framing its approach to Enterprise Reporting.

Regardless of the project goals, all reporting strategy should contain some very important techniques and objectives. These include:

  • Defined Objectives of the Report 
  • Identification of the Input Data 
  • Identification of the Report Timing 
  • Intended Audience 
  • Report Content 
  • Report Format
FEMCO Solutions will guide you through the necessary steps to create not only a good reporting solution, but a reporting solution that fits your company's needs.