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FEMCO Solutions brings together professionals from diverse disciplines and with complementary skills in order to address clients specific needs. The depth of expertise and the sheer numbers of specialists allow FEMCO to take on complex, strategic projects geared towards one goal; to achieve the clarity needed to better manage resources.

Clients trust FEMCO Solutions to question a vision as well as help to realize it. FEMCO’s commitment to a sustainable approach to all its projects is embraced personally by the individuals that together make up the firm.FEMCO ’s ownership structure actively reinforces this approach and holds the firm accountable to its own people for its independent approach, and to its social and corporate responsibility. 

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FEMCO Solutions USA HQ
2020 N Hoyne Ave.
Chicago, IL     60647
Office: 312-772-2069

Sales: sales@femcosolutions.com
IT Support: itsupport@femcosolutions.com
Careers: careers@femcosolutions.com


Felix Chan Yu
Co-Founder and Director of Technology
Felix Chan Yu has BS in Computer Science and an MBA from DePaul University where he graduated with distinction.  He has over 15 years experience in ERP solutions on various industries including Automotive, Education, Media and Manufacturing.

"Sometimes looking for a perfect solution gets in the way of finding one that fits"

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